…a very hard worker with great integrity.

I have been wanting to send to you a note regarding a closing I had a couple weeks ago with a agent of yours Maria Sapio. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a great lady she is but on top of that a very hard worker with great integrity. We worked every step of the way side by side and she cared as much about my buyer as she did her seller. We had a problem with the appraiser on his definition of mother in law suite and Maria was on top of everything before I had read the email. During this process she never hesitated to ask what my buyer thought or felt. That is so unbelievable!!! Maria is an outstanding agent but more than that she has the compassion that so many of us lack at times especially when problems arise in our business. I so enjoyed working with her and you have such a great asset on your team. Was hoping I could put together a better note regarding Maria because she deserves for the Real Estate community to know how great she is.

— Barbara (BC) Wint